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Introducing GeoPapyrus

GeoPapyrus offers a suite of plug-and-play next-generation gamification tools for businesses based on augmented reality technology, social networks, and mobile devices.

The GeoPapyrus app is a showcase of our mobile software platform, connecting the physical world with your Social Content. Using GeoPapyrus, you can view, publish, and interact with Social Content such as photos, videos, audio or web sites by browsing physical elements (frames, windows, buildings, books, ...) from the real environment around you.

   Introducing MicID: click here to learn about our audio recognition app

   Also, please check out the GeoPapyrus development efforts for Google Glass

Demo Video


The Team

We are a small team of young and "software veteran" entrepreneurs with backgrounds in mobile and cloud computing software. We know how to design scalable service oriented architectures in the cloud. We are experienced people in software design and User eXperience. We love mobile app development, and we love C, C++, Objective-C and JavaScript. Our vision is to allow you to see what you can't see in the real world, and we are going to make it happen. We love Social Networking, Augmented Reality and big challenges.


GeoPapyrus is so simple that you can use it without reading any documentation. However, we have generated some helpful features to introduce GeoPapyrus, and to help you to hit the ground running.



Want to add a Face Recognition Login feature to your app?

Download our free sdk on GitHub: click here

Want to play with Audio and Image recognition?

Check our audio recognition and image recognition SDKs.


Questions? Feature suggestions? Something broken?

Please, email us to request support for GeoPapyrus products & APIs at